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January 7, 2012

Thanks for the award !!

Thank you Chickadee Jubilee for naming me a versatile blogger! I appreciate the compliment!
In response to getting this award here is what I must do:

Thank the blogger! Here is her blog: Chickadee Jubilee
Thanks for the award! Everyone go check out her blog! It ROCKS!

Share seven things about yourself:

  • I love coffee! My favs are Starbucks and Dunkin! I could drink it all day!

  • I am an avid spinner! If my knee could take it, I would go every day!

  • I love swimming and wish I could swim everyday - but my Mom closes her pool for the winter LOL! I just don't like swimming indoors!

  • I have a slight show addiction. If I could I would buy a new pair every week!

  • I love sports more than my husband. People know not to call m on Sundays during Football and Nascar season!

  • I would much rather go out to eat than cook a meal. It's not that I don't like to cook, it's just that I don't like cooking for my picky eater husband!

  • I have to match my earrings, necklace, and socks to my shirt. Yes, I am a little OCD.

  • Name 15 newly discovered blogs and pass this award onto them:

    Chickadee Jubilee
    Doodle Bugs Teaching
    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher
    Juice Boxes and Crayolas
    The Bubblegum Tree
    My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher
    Runde's Room
    Step into Second Grade
    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Frogs and Cupcakes
    Third Grade Bookworm
    Queen of the First Grade Jungle
    Life in First Grade
    Clutter Free Classroom
    What's the Buzz in First Grade

    That sure is a lot of blogs!
    Happy Reading!


    1. I love that you match your socks! That's awesome.

    2. Thanks for the award!! Jaime

      I'm going to really try and post about it...I'm sooooo busy with school right now!!! : )