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January 12, 2012

What Would You Do?

I had a rough day! I was in a classroom that I work in a lot! Now, I have been a teacher for awhile. I worked in my own classroom for 8 years. I have been a substitute for the past five years. I worked as a teacher assistant in grade four! I was a reading teacher for a year.

Today...... I lost it!

A student kept calling out when I was trying to help a student. I said to the child, "You are not in charge. I am." The student replied, "You are not in charge, we are." Then he laughed! I replied, "Now, I am angry!" I yelled some more.

I lost it!

I rose my voice. I yelled. The student yelled. I said, " Let's go to the office."
The student threw headphones. (Yes, they hit me in the neck) This student yelled and screamed all the way down the stairs. At one point I thing I heard, "I do not need this crap from a sub!" I walked into the office with this student following me and mouthed to the principal, " I NEED HELP!"

This student is not your average student, there is more tho the story, but in that simple minute... I feel I could have done better.

That's the problem with being a teacher... even after all my time in the classroom. I still second guess my actions, my words, my own reactions to situations!

So... what would you do?

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  1. No one should be treated with disrespect. I am sorry you had a rough day. I hope the principal understood the situation.

    Sometimes, teachers just need time away to calm down. Hope your days are better.