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February 8, 2012

Wednesday Writing Lesson

Today, I taught a class of sweet first graders! I had to teach them how to write to explain. I tied it into what they are learning about their community. It seemed to be the perfect way to teach this lesson.

We first made a list of places in the community. Then, I showed them this part of my graphic organizer: I had the students choose a place they love to go to and use my topic sentence on their own graphic organizer. Places student choose were the movie theater, the zoo, Chuckie Cheese, a museum, and a local arcade.

Then, I unclipped my graphic organizer and showed the class three details about the aquarium. We talked about how the detail sentences are like non-fiction because when a writer writes to explain, he/she tell facts.

I had the kidos work on their sentences and then I showed them my final copy which you can see here:

The students did a great job at this lesson. Next time I will have to take a few pictures of their work!

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