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March 4, 2012

I am going on a Word Hunt !!

I work with a second grade student who loves to go on a word hunt. (A word hunt is one of the Words Their Way word study activities for independent word work.)

The student and I were in the library the other day and she asked me to give her 8 sight words to look for on a word hunt. I gave her some of the ones we have been working on to find in some books. We looked through three books and only found one word. What was worse was she was frustrated and so was I!!!

I wondered how I could make make this activity better and here is what I came up with:

1. Choose a book we will read aloud with for the week.

2. The teacher will read the book first. I went on my own word hunt in order to prepare for the lesson.

3. Create a list of sight words that appear in the story at least twice. I keep this hidden from the student until after he/she has read aloud the story to me.

4. Add words to a table like this

5. As part of work work have the student do a word hunt after he/she has read the book.

This worked great. The student loved that she was able to find all the words. No more FRUSTRATION for wither of us! YAY! It was even more fun when I challenged her to find the words more than once! She made tally marks to see which word was written most in the book. Next time I will take a picture to share with everyone!

How do you use a "word hunt" in your classroom?
Happy Reading!!

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