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April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their family and friends. I sure did with my family!

I will be on spring break this week. I am thinking of having a giveaway because I am almost at 50 followers. I love to write about teaching because it is a passion of mine. I envy a lot of those other creative bloggers out there, so it is nice to know there are a few readers out there who enjoy my blog!

I have a few things planned for my week off. I look forward to reading some of my favorite teacher blogs! I am sure I will do some Hunger Games blog/ fan page stalking. My obsession with the book continues. I finally convinced my Mom to read the book! She is enjoying it!!

Keep watching for my giveaway... it may be some of my favorite poetry books in honor of April.

Today's Hunger Games Quote:

“Kind people have a way of working their way inside me and rooting there.”
― Katniss Everdeen

Happy Reading!

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