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April 14, 2012

It's Already Saturday!!

Yes, I am still obsessing over The Hunger Games. The hubs thinks I may need to talk to a therapist about it. LOL !!  I have been talking to my Mom & my brother the past two days about the books. My Mom just finished Catching Fire and my brother just finished Mockingjay.  I am glad to see I have brought two of my family members into my obsession. Of course, they are not as obsessed about it as I am! LOL

I was busy this past week with appointments and errands. I feel like I really did not get to relax during this week off from subbing! I applied for some teaching jobs. I even had an interview this week for a reading position. More layoffs are coming in my area with a lot of teachers losing their jobs for the second year in a row. It makes me sad. I am not sure what  I will be doing come September. I keep praying that I am back in a classroom, but the competition for a job is getting worse and worse.

I was surprised that only one person entered my giveaway. I guess I will be sending two books to this poster unless some more people post before 11:00 tonight!

My teaching and tutoring brain have not had any exciting new ideas to share lately. I wonder if it just that time of year. It's testing time here in NY when schools start back up on Monday. I may have a slow subbing week! Only time will tell!

Happy Reading!!

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