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April 30, 2012

Two Quick Ideas

Idea Number One:

I have been working with a student on chunking words instead of sounding out each individual letter. It has been a slow process, but she is slowly getting better. In order for her to see chunks we have been doing a lot of practice with compound words. It has helped!

We have worked on a lot of words and the other day during our session she wanted to read and write about food, so I had a light bulb moment and now we are going to work on FOOD compound words.

I cut index cards in half and made up my list of food words. I also put a pink dot on the upper left hand corner for the words that are in the first half of the compound word. I am looking forward to doing this activity with my student.

Idea Number Two:

I usually play Hangman on a white board to end my reading session. I use words we are practicing, word family words, or words from the text we read that session. My student actually came up with a fun alternative to this game. She is so clever!!

1. Think of a sentence.
2. Write the sentence across the top of the white board, BUT use one word as your hangman word.

          Example:   I  went  to  buy some _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   at the store.

3. Ask your partner for a letter like you normally do during hangman.
4. Continue to play as normal.
5. If the student gives you five letter guesses and all the blanks are still there, then give a clue to help with the missing word. 

She just loves to play this game!

I hope these ideas will end up in a learning center or give you a quick activity to do during your school day!

Happy Reading!

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