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August 20, 2012

Teacher Week Linky Party

It's times for another Linky Party! If you want to join the fun go check out this blog:

Teacher Week Party at I'm Blog Hoppin

Today is Must Have Mondays! Here are mine. I am giving ones I have used the past year as a subsitute teacher. Enjoy!

Coffee. I have a thermos which I fill with coffee from my wonderful Keurig. Sometimes on a payday I treat myself to a Starbucks. 

I bring a few picture books. One of my go to books is The Substitute Teacher from the Black Lagoon.

Stickers! Kidos just love stickers!! It is amazing what they will do for a sticker especially if it smells! 

I also bring some cute paper so I can leave a note about the day. 

I hope this helps some of those fellow substitutes out there in blog land. I also hope teachers leave a pile of these goodies for their future subs. I just love those classrooms that have substitute teacher folders with extra supplies. 

Happy Reading! 

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