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October 5, 2012

Do you teach grammar ?

I was one of those students who loved grammar and diagramming sentences. Do students even do that anymore?? Well, this week I taught for two days in the same classroom and the teacher wanted me to teach about adjectives and how they make one's writing better. I was so excited! Yes, I am that much of a grammar geek!

I did a mini lesson on finding adjectives in sentences and then I had the students change a boring piece of writing into a more descriptive one by adding adjectives. Here are two pictures I took with my phone while teaching the lesson this week when I was subbing:

First I had students come to the chart and box off the nouns. I asked them " How do you know it's a noun?" Then I had students give me adjectives to make these nouns better. Yes,  I am a terrible speller, so please ignore my errors. LOL

The students then went to a piece of their own writing  and did the same. They really did a great job !

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