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December 21, 2012

Happy Vacation!

I have had a busy December! My days were filled with math, kids telling me about where their elf on a shelf ended up each morning, and some last minute shopping. Lucky for me I do not have to shop anymore for gifts. Oh I will be at the mall on Christmas Eve.. a traditional with my Mom, but it is for fun and that's it!

I received my Bloggy GIft Exchange and was THRILLED with what was sent to me. I LOVED IT!

I hope my bloggy partner has the gift I sent and enjoyed it. I have to blog about those gifts at a later date! I am in Hallmark Movie Mode. I just love the holidays!

For now, I am happy to be on vacation for a week. I love being in second grade. I will be sad when the teacher does return from her maternity leave. I may be tired but it is a happy, content tired. I love teaching!

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