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December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas !

It is hard to believe that my Christmas Day is already done! I hope everyone has a joyous day!

By now, all the bloggy gifts have been exchanged. I am pretty sure my bloggy friend has her gift from me! I wanted to show you what I sent her. I am not very crafty, so I gave me friend a few of my favorite things that help me get through the days!

Here they are:

Who doesn't need hand sanitizer? 
Burt's Bees is SO necessary in winter.
 Everyone loves a little treat. Milky Ways are my downfall!
 I always need notepads and I just love colorful clips 

Reward Tickets for students!
Bulletin Board Decor

The Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores for teacher supplies! I love how they have a teacher section! There is a store right at my corner, so I stop there more than I should! 

Tomorrow I will blog about the great gifts I received from the bloggy exchange! 

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