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April 8, 2013

My shopping adventure.

Yesterday my Mom and I went on a bus which took us to Grove City Outlets. Getting up at 6 AM was tough until I saw the stores and shopped, shopped, shopped!

I bought some cute tops from Old Navy & NYand CO (who knew there was an outlet NY&Co?), a pair of jean shorts from The Loft, and gold fish. YES! GOLD FISH! There was a Pepperidge Farm store there and everything was 1.25!!! They had whole grain cheesy fish and s'mores flavored, and mint milanos... Today I am wishing I had bought more delicious treats. LOL

Here is the reason I wanted to go:

Heaven... plus 50% off the whole store!  
When we left, there was a line of people waiting outside to go inside! 


I scored these for 80.00 !! 
My Mom also bought three items ! 

It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to go back again! 

I went back to work today and I was happy to see the second graders. They had a lot of tales to share from their week of vacation. I will post some pictures of what I am now teaching some time this week! 

Happy Reading! 

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