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May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

I have enjoyed a long weekend - 4 days off is a wonderful thing! 

Here are some pictures from both work and fun: 


Almost finished teaching about the eye ! 

 We are finding cause and effect examples in books

I had a vanilla frappuccino with a shot of raspberry. Has anyone tried this? It's delicious!  

 Three of my favorite things are on this card! 

My hubs found this on Facebook. I just thought it was so cute! 

I envy all those teachers already on their summer vacation! I have 16 work days left. I think it will go by too slow! I also am trying to be positive because my job is not permanent, so in 16 days I am back on the job hunt. Wish me luck! 

On another note - here's to all the men who serve or who have served! Happy Memorial Day! 

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