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May 13, 2013

Narrative Writing

We are back into writing narratives and we reviewed "small moments" today. My students are familiar with the picture of the watermelon and how one seed is a small moment. 

The team and I were chatting last week about another concrete way to show/review a small moment. I came up with the idea that I would show my wedding photos (I have a huge scrapbook). I showed it on the document camera and laughed as my students made comments about the pictures. 

Then I went back to one picture of my cake and how my hubs and I were cutting the cake. I said to my students, "This is the small moment I want to write about because, as you know, I love cake and I loved my wedding cake." 

I modeled making a list of ideas from my wedding on a heart. Then my students wrote ideas of an event in their life on their heart. We then came back to the circle and shared a few and discussed which small moment they were going to write about for their narrative.  

It was a great lesson and the kidos seemed to really understand the concept. 

I will share some writing pictures later in the week. 

Happy Reading ! 

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