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June 27, 2013

Random Thoughts!

I have had a week to reflect on my school year. It's much easier to see the good in a stressful job when you've been away from it for a week. I would love a job again working with second graders. I say a little prayer every morning that a job will come my way for the fall. Then I try to move on and think of what can I do today to enjoy this summer.

I spent some time in the sun at the pool. I relaxed on my new patio. I went for a morning walk - that is one of my summer goals... to take a walk 3 mornings a week. I asked to friend to walk with me on the days she is not teaching! It will be fun to chat and walk with her. We are also going to go to spinning together during the week. I am trying to do one thing everyday to get out of the house and enjoy this summer. Summer always goes too fast!

I would like to make some summer crafts, but not sure yet what I want to make. Maybe some Monday Made It posts will help give me ideas. 

This AM I read a few fun blogs (because it's gloomy so no pool for me - BOO!) because I moved over to bloglovin. Then I happen to find this fun website where I made this:


Yeah - I am a little obsessed with coffee and these posters! 
Check out the site below. It's fun: 

Keep Calm Posters

Well, I need to go a walk before the rain comes! 

Happy Reading Everyone! 

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