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July 24, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

I cannot believe I have been reading posts of teachers getting ready to go back to work. I envy them because they have jobs. I am still on summer posting mode - which means another non-teaching post! 

Yesterday the husband and I went on a little driving adventure. Neither one of use is great with directions. We got lost a few times! I so need a GPS for my car!!  We went to this store for the first time: 

I saw a desk chair I would like & a dresser. I have been married for nine years and I don't have a dresser. Crazy, I know! I have a closet with an open shelving unit I bought from Target, but I could REALLY use a dresser! 

Here are two of the items we bought: 

Aren't these pot holders awesome? 

We bought two sets of these bowls. I love the purple & blue ones! 

It was fun being in there and I cannot wait to go back again. 

Then later after we had recovered from being lost a few times today. He sent me this: 

He found it on Facebook. I don't have Facebook. Yes - it's true! I live in the dark ages. LOL! He couldn't remember the source! OPPS! 

Hope everyone had a blessed day! 
Happy Reading! 

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