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August 9, 2013

Happy Friday !

I had a busy week and I am joining "Five for Friday" for the first time. 

If you want to join.. go link up here:

Five for Friday 

1. Read The Lemonade War. I was thinking this would be a middle school book, but I could see it in grade 4. It's about sibling rivalry. I love how each chapter starts with a vocabulary word and there is also math problems within the story. 

2. The husband and  I went to the fair today. I bought new socks for the fall. I had one of these yummy sandwiches: 


3. Tonight I am watching this: 

                                I LOVE FOOTBALL !! 

4. I spent 3 days enjoying one of the perks of summer:

                                       Thanks Mom for letting me enjoy your pool!  

5. I am beginning to panic because I still do not have this: 

Please send me some job dust and prayers for my own classroom in the next two weeks. 

Happy Reading everyone! 

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