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October 23, 2013

"What Day is it?" said the Geico camel.

All I can hear in my head today is: MIKE,MIKE.MIKE,MIKE LOL!

First of all this is my 301 post. WHAT? 

Who knew this grad school project would turn into something? I may not have the fanciest blog, the most visitors, or a $1,000,000 TPT store, but I do love my blog! It's nice to go back and find ideas I liked in the classroom to use when I tutor.  It's nice when someone gives me a shout out! 

Now onto the reason for my post: Here's a funny poem I wanted to share. I was deleting files on the laptop and came upon this. I have never used it, but maybe someone in blog land will.  

Difficult Math Test
                                     By: Robert Scotellaro

Whoopie! A test! Whoopie! A test!
We’re having a difficult test!
We’d also enjoy being kicked by a mule,
then dipped in a caldron of bubbling drool,
but a difficult test is best!

A woodpecker pecking a tune on your head,
then trapped in a might collapsible bed,
or dancing barefooted with ol’ Frankenstein,
sure, all of these things, why of course, would be fine,
but a difficult test is best!

Or baked in a pie in an oven too hot,
and having your fingers all tied in a knot,
then using a chair made of porcupine quills,
can also provide you a great deal of thrills,
but a difficult test is best!

Or put in a vise and then squeezed till you’re flat,
or sharing your room with a twenty-foot rat,
and then wearing some tight cactus underwear,
but none of, no none of these things can compare

to the joys of a difficult test! 

Happy Reading!

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