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December 21, 2013

Happy Winter Break!

It did not feel like winter today- it's raining after seven days of snow! The rain came yesterday and all the snow is gone! I wonder if there will even be a white Christmas. 

I had a crazy week. Here's what has been going on in my life: 

Last Friday, I had a call from a school district I had interviewed with a month ago. I was offered a job!!! I took the weekend to think about it. On Monday, I called and accepted the job. 

I started on Tuesday. I am working as a teacher's assistant in an autistic kindergarten. There are 8 sweet kidos. I will be in the classroom for 12 weeks and then the TA should return from a medical leave.  It is nice knowing I am going to the same place everyday again. 

I did a fun crafty yesterday with the students and another class which is a bilingual class. Here's the pic of the craft: 

I made a candy cane for myself to remember the idea. I told the teacher I am working with I was stealing her idea for the future. 

I also tutored on Thursday night. We have been working on blends:

After work yesterday I met my friends for coffee and our gift exchange. One of my besties gave me this little gift: 

She went to the Football Hall of Fame 
this past fall and thought of me! 
It's a cute tiny cup! 

Happy Winter Break everyone!

Happy Reading! 

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