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December 8, 2013

Last Week

I have been sick since Thursday. GRRR!! I woke up with a scratchy throat. I have been in the house since Friday after I came home from the doctor! 

Wednesday I played "librarian" and the teacher came in to review the plans. She had no voice and was coughing a lot. As a sub, I don't have any control over how CLEAN (germ free) the room will be when I arrive. When a sick teacher comes in to go over plans, I get really annoyed because I usually end up sick! Yep, it happened last week! I have asthma, so I am a major germ freak from October to March especially when I am subbing. 

Here are a few random things I did this week when I was teaching. 

I helped students use an index to find weather facts.
I also talked about how to take notes from the almanac. 

Christmas around the Word
Grade 1 students learned what children celebrate in Italy.
I had never read this book. I loved it! 

Basket full of math problems.
Students took turns working out a problem. 
I can see this as a game for a math review.
Sample Problem below: 

What I woke up to one morning: 

It was so quiet when I took these. 
More snow coming this week!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I was planning on finishing my holiday shopping... no such luck. I will not be subbing tomorrow. I am taking one more day to rest and get better. 

Happy Reading everyone! 

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