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December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

I have been enjoying my winter break!
I ate too much; I shopped; I spent time with family.
I cannot believe tomorrow is Jan. 1st !!!!

I found this fun linky party:

One word resolutions Linky 

This is my resolution for both work and home. 

I am starting a new job, taking a class, tutoring three kidos, and trying to get back on track with working out and eating better than I have the past few weeks. With all that in mind I want to simplify. 

My resolution is even with all the business I want to try and have a simple approach, to not try and make everything perfect, and the attack things with a simple process. I tend to have a  go big or go home attitude on everything. It leads to stress and well... things like me being sick the whole month of December. With that in mind, I want to simplify things. 

I spent the afternoon working on some things for school.  I made this cute poster: 

I am going to have the kidos write how they used reading during winter break - besides reading a book. When the display is done, I'll post a picture. 

I hope everyone has a nice New Year's Eve. I'll be at home with a cozy blanket! 

Happy Reading !

December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas !!

I had a busy week before break. I also have been sick, so I did not really feel like blogging in my free time. I felt like napping. LOL! 

I have been enjoying my family on my break. My poor husband was sick and missed family dinner. I went to mass with my mom which was so nice. There was a children's choir this year. Loved it! 

Before break started I did a few fun things with the kidos. Here are a few pictures. 

Parent gift - fingers turned into snowmen

Holiday cards


I just love the way this kido draws.  

The most exciting thing that happened since my last post was an early Christmas present. I went on an interview for a reading teacher position. After three days of waiting I was called for a second interview. I GOT THE JOB! 

I have my own room and will be teaching 4th and 5th grade reading. I am very excited and nervous. I have not done lesson plans in a year, so I have some serious planning to do! Next week, I will be busy, but I am so excited for this new adventure. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their family time and had a blessed holiday!

Happy Reading!

December 12, 2014

Five For Friday

I have had an interesting week. I had two great days at work, was sick, and wrapped some holiday gifts. I love this time of year!

Now on to....


1. I tried to nap this week while sick, but my cough prevented it! 
I STILL want that nap! 


2. I found this on Pinterest.
It describes my passion for teaching beautifully!


3. Enjoying a favorite magazine by my tree. 


4. This is me:  

5. I am going to take a class in the spring. 
I am so excited. I love school

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend! 
Happy Friday!
Happy Reading!

December 11, 2014

A Holiday Picture

I have been sick the past few days.. and here  I was thinking since I missed my November illness I would make it to holiday break without one. I should know better!

I did manage to do one project at school. Here are a few pics:

I love how each kido decorated their tree. 

I am taking the night off from tutoring and spending time under my blanker with tea! It feels like Christmas is so close especially with the snow outside. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Happy Reading! 

December 7, 2014

Happy Sunday !!

I cannot believe I only have 12 more days of work before we have our winter break!!! I remember when I put 99 days until break on my home white board and now it's so close! The fall always flies by for me!

I had a busy week at school and with tutoring. It felt weird to work for 5 days since I did not do that during November between the days off and the snow storm we had that cancelled school for four days.

Here are some pictures from my week. I used some of the free items I found during the reading blog hop:

I am working on word building strategies. I am now teaching a unit on prefixes



 The student I tutor learned about finding evidence in school, so I am giving him more practice. I love this sheet I found from a blogger!

In school, we read a new story ever week. The teacher has the kidos do a worksheet and one kido decided to draw a picture while he was waiting for everyone to finish. She asked who he drew and he said "Rhianna." Then we starting singing Umbrella.


I have two cute holiday projects I hope to do this week. One my husband found on Facebook and the other one was in a magazine which I adapted for school. I'll post pictures as soon as they are done! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this month and the season. I keep trying to do one random act of kindness a day like I posted I would do in Currently. I did one at work and one at the store this week that made me feel good inside. My co-worker liked the idea, so she did one last week, too! We are spreading the joy! 

Happy Reading! 

December 1, 2014

Happy December

I am so excited to celebrate this month with family and friends.
I am so excited to celebrate the birth of  Jesus!!
I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Now onto my "Currently:

I am watching the Jets game and trying to shop online Old Navy at the same time. I am not doing a good job of multitasking. LOL. This is why I need more time! Between work, tutoring, getting to the gym, home stuff, and now trying to get holiday shopping done. I could REALLY use more time!! 

I love that it is the holiday season! I feel so loved this time of year! 

I am going to try to be kind to others. Sometime when I see a grumpy person or someone is snarky.. I need to be kind ( I can be snarky right back!) because I do not know what is going on with that person! 

GO here to check out some more:

December Currently

Happy Reading!

November 27, 2014

Happy Turkey Day!


My post from a few weeks ago: What I am Thankful for This Year 

Enjoy your day with family and friends!

Happy Reading!

November 20, 2014

More Snow....

I have been home due to snow days since Tuesday. A lot of the teachers are already complaining about it. REALLY? I am thankful everyone I know is safe in their house. Anyway....

Here is a crazy picture that has been going around the news and twitter of the lake effect snow and how it hit half of the area:

One area has 84 inches... That is the amount of snow we get during the WHOLE winter! 

Stay warm and safe neighbors! 

Happy Snowed in Reading! 

November 18, 2014


First one of the season.. the earliest I can remember! 

I wonder what I will do with myself today! ; )

November 17, 2014

Thankful Linky Party

I saw this and thought it was great. It is one of the nice things about Thanksgiving.. we tend to be grateful during this time of the year!

I hope you enjoy my pics of what I am thankful for every year!

I should also mention I am thankful for my house and yummy food I eat every night!

Go enjoy so more links of what fellow bloggers are thankful for this season!

Click here: Super Thankful Thread Linky Party

Happy Reading!

November 16, 2014


Yesterday I had a good tutoring session. I did some work on fact and opinion with the kido. I asked what he remembered about fact and opinion before we started. I then gave him some key ideas about how to tell the difference between the two.

Here are a few pictures:
Student read each sentence & told 
me which one was a fact or opinion.

I will transcribe sometimes to save time when tutoring. 

We partner read an article called "Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Pie" from I stopped after each paragraph and asked which sentences were facts and which were opinions. We color coded the sentences. 
I wish I had taken a picture of the article. I think it was a great lesson!  

I have been teaching about pronouns. I love to teach grammar even if it is not a common practice in the schools anymore. I think it helps with reading and writing in so many ways. Here are two pictures of some things I have been working on while tutoring:

The student then did a worksheet on pronouns. I will do more work on this topic for the next two sessions.

I have a two week break from tutoring which will give me some extra free time which is nice!

I'm off to go enjoy some football~
Happy Reading!

November 14, 2014

Weekly Pictures

I had a busy week tutoring and teaching a reading group this week. 
I was glad for the day off on Tuesday! 

Here are a few pictures from my week: 

I love this new graphic organizer 
from Teacherspayteachers. 
Thinking about a nonfiction text. 

Working on story elements 
 I love having kidos do sorts! 

 More compound word practice! 

Making turkeys

I love how the kids giggled when I 
painted their fingers. 

 One example 

I hope everyone has a great week! 

Happy Reading!

November 11, 2014

Thank You

Thank you for my freedom! 

I will be taking my Dad, an Army Veteran, to lunch today!
I hope everyone thanks a Veteran today. 

November 2, 2014

Currently and a Project

WHAT???? It's November Currently, already?? Where does the time go?

Here is mine: 

I am hoping the Broncos win. I have a STRONG dislike for the Patriots. 

I am enjoying a chai latte right now - I hope it does not keep me up tonight. 

I cannot wait for Tuesday - The DH took off and we are going to see the movie "St. Vincent" I love both Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. I love four day work weeks!

I have a lot of sweaters, but a new one would be nice! 

I have a few holiday gifts, but I need to get some more. I don't like the holiday rush in December. 

I have been reading Mary Kay Andrews books since the summer. I am catching up on her older ones. I just love her stories! 

I hope everyone goes to read some more "November Currentlys" on Farley's blog. Go here: 

November Currently

I was at the library tutoring yesterday. On the table next to me was a kid craft. Well, of course I had to make on so I can take it to the teacher I work with tomorrow and see if she wants to do it with the kidos.

I love how you could do this project for any holiday or season! I think blue and white snowflakes would be cute! It is a very strong Dixie plate with the middle cut out. SO clever! 

Happy November!
Happy Reading!