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January 6, 2014

Happy Monday!

I had a fun day with the Kinder kidos. 

I had 3 groups and we worked on the letter P. We made pizza with pepperoni and placed it on purple paper. After working in grade 2 for a year, I forgot how I need to give one step directions. They had fun! 

Here was another exciting part of my day: 

No School tomorrow! 
We have a BLIZZARD warning! 

I called my Mom when they announce the Blizzard and said the last time we had a warning was March of 1993 when I turned 21. I remember driving in the snow determined to have my first cocktail! LOL! Things have changed - I am under a blanker and looking forward to movies in my pjs tomorrow. It is suppose to be -20.. BRR!

Who else has a snow day tomorrow?  

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