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January 18, 2014

Happy Three Day Weekend!

I am so happy it is a three day weekend! I had a long week and did not get enough sleep! I plan to sleep in the next two mornings! 

I have been enjoying my time as a Teacher Assistant. I taught reading groups 4 days last week. I was in heaven. I never saw myself as enjoying a Kinder reading group. When I did it as a reading teacher, I use to dread that time of the day. What a difference a few years make. I don't know if it's the kids, the environment, or me. 

Here are a few pics from my week: 

Blends at Tutoring 

Sight Word Practice
Letter Cards to Practice Beginning Sounds
I had the kidos review the sound first and then I had them match the pictures to the letters so I could check for understanding. 

For anyone who wants a fun blog hop starting on Jan 31: 
Looks like it will be fun! 

Happy Reading! 


  1. Hey...I recognize that graphic! Thanks for sharing. I love finding other reading specialist blogs, and I've just been stalking your older posts. :-) This works so well for Kinders. Love your pictures.

  2. Lots of great activities! It is fun but hard work to teach the kinder kids! :)
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