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March 28, 2014


Here are some pictures from some things I did during the past three days : 

I made this years ago and used it for the kidos to make place mats.

Oops! This kido cut the legs off, but once it was 
behind the basket, no one was the wiser!  

I borrowed an idea from: 

I modified it for a kido I tutor. I asked her what she already knew about parrots and scribed for her. Then she read aloud to me from part of a book I enlarged from readinga-z. She highlighted new facts she learned. Finally she wrote them on the other side of the chart.  

Not sure why the pic below is sideways. 
Tried to fix it a few times and gave up!  LOL 

We did the letter R and talked about what starts with R. 
I drew one picture at a time, so the kidos could copy.

Student Example

I did a little review with the gal I tutor because she has her BIG state test next week. We talked about how to have a "RADD" answer when she responds to a prompt. 

R -  Restate the question
A -  Add a statement 
D  - Detail #1 ( from the text to support your statement ) 
D - Detail #2  ( from the text to support your statement )

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Happy Reading!

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  1. I love the RADD idea. It's Rad!! ;-) I will be borrowing that one as we work on determining importance more this week. I didn't realize when I replied to your comment on my blog that I already follow yours. :-) Thanks for visiting today!