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April 1, 2014

April's Currently

It's that time again! Go see some more at Farley's Blog.

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April Currently 

Here is mine: 


Listening: My husband wanted to watch the show & since I am such a fan I watched it again. We talked about how so many people on Twitter were mad at the ending. I felt it was bittersweet. My husband wishes there had been less of the wedding episodes and more about his relationship with the Mom. I said, "But we know one thing: he went on a journey and love in all forms is worth the risk." I am a hopeless romantic. 

Loving: The weather.. so long winter!!! 

Thinking: Only 8 more days until my spring break! 

Wanting: I love coffee, but it's too late.. maybe tomorrow!

Needing: My sneakers almost have a small hole in the toe.. I need a new pair! 

I work as a teacher's assistant this year, so I arrive right before buses and leave with the walkers. Yes, I am there til the end of June... that will be a long month! 

Happy Reading ! 


  1. Oh, the finale of HIMYM made me so sad that it's actually over. It's one of the very few shows my hubby & I both absolutely loved and watched together. *sigh* I feel like I might just keep it stored in my DVR to watch again on a rainy day.

    Sprinkles for the Teacher

  2. Hi there! I am quite jealous that you had 68 degrees today! I see you're a New York blogger .. I'm in Jersey. :) I'm also with you - counting down the days until spring break! When is yours?

    And flavored coffee sounds delicious right now. caffeine at 9 o'clock at night. hahaha!