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April 5, 2014

Sight Words

In my small reading groups I review sight words. The classroom teacher introduces the new words to the students each week. Some days I have to do a practice sheet from the reading series. Other days I flip through the cards in a random order having the kids read them aloud to me. The kidos each have an IEP, so I do a lot of repetition.  Sometimes it can be a little boring. 

I was looking for something different to do with the sight words and came up with this: 

1. I review the words on the flash cards. 
2. Then I say, "Let's see if I could trick you." 
3. I mix the cards up. I flip a card and sometimes say the wrong word to see if the kido really knows his/her sight words. 

  Example: word card for "where"

  •   I say " Lets' see if  I can trick you. The word is ..." 
  •   I flip the card to show the kido and say "what
  •   If the kids says "yes" - I say "I tricked you!"

4. I review 5 words per student. 
5. I will say the actual word sometimes and that is usually when I trick the kids. 
It has been about a a month of this game and now the kids play with each other under my supervision. I have to help the lower kids that still can't read their words. They really enjoy it and it makes reviewing sight words more fun. 

I am sure there are other things it could be used for like letter or number recognition.  

Happy Reading! 

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