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May 13, 2014

Moving Right Along

Here are some fun pictures from last week: 

This kido makes me happy everyday! 
 We made those cute rainbows from pinterest. My kidos need a lot of cutting practice so they cut two clouds. I stuffed them with cotton. If I remember I'll take a shot of them on the bulletin board. 

I made the O book this week using clip art. :) 

On to Tutoring:  
More Vocabulary building. 
These are the words we discussed before the reading! 

This board is activating prior knowledge. 
This is what the kido knew about bears before we read. 

Because I only have an hour with my kido I tutor, I will scribe for her sometimes. It saves time & she can see the correct way to spell words. Sometimes we talk about how to read those multisyllabic words. 

Today I felt like this: 

It was a tough day! 

Happy Reading! 

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