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May 4, 2014

Some Pictures

Now that my students are getting better at reading, I am having them write a little more when we do letter work. Some kids love it! 

Letter O Work last week. My kidos struggled with this letter. 


The last one is an on/off switch. 

We had left over "egg" cut outs. 
We turned them into tulips. :) 

In my tutoring session, I have moved onto boosting vocabulary. I began the lesson with a category before we read aloud. These are the words she gave me which I wrote for her. Then I gave her new vocabulary for the topic before she read aloud.  

I think I need to read one of those professional books on how to teach and boost vocab. I could use some new ideas. :) 

I have about 35 days of teaching left this year. How many does everyone else have left? 

Here's a funny pic of a shirt I took at Target (because this is me. LOL):

Hope everyone has a great week. 
Happy Reading! 

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