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July 9, 2014

Random Things

I have been enjoying my summer - except its been raining more that I would like which prevents me from going here: 
I have a new obsession this summer: 
The husband and I were shopping and the store now has a trail mix bar. We like the banana chips with dark chocolate and peanut butter chips. Not sure if its healthy, but it's delicious. 

I went to the book store and used my gift card to pick up two books! This one was a recommend by a blogger I love:  
The nest book was on the summer reads table. I love hardcovers and it was ONLY 5.98! I began reading this one first: 

I had a job interview and I had to prep a lesson. I was given the literacy topic and I used this as my hook: 
I would love the use this in a classroom! No word on the interview results. : ( 

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I am heading out to read in the sunshine! 

Happy SUMMER reading! 

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