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August 2, 2014

August Currently

I have not posted in a few weeks. I went on a dream vacation to celebrate 10 years with my husband. We went here:

That's right, I went to LONDON, BABY! I have wanted to go since I was 20 and my dream finally came true. I promise to post all about it soon. I'm still organizing the photos! 

In the meantime here is this month's Currently: 
Listening to the Football Hall of Fame. I LOVE FOOTBALL!
Loving that I did nothing today!  
Thinking: Was I really just in England? It was great. I want to go back! 
Wanting: I became sick in London & I knew it would get worse b/c I have asthma. I went to Urgent Care and the doctor gave me an inhaler and an over the counter form of benadryl. Well, that med made me break out into hives. YEP!  It was a few interesting days in London. When I came home I went to my doctor and of course I have a respiratory infection and my left ear needed to be flushed out. It have been sick for 7 days now and all I want is this cough to go away and this ear pain to disappear! Being sick in the summer sucks. 
Needing: We took a lot of pictures so I need to pic my favorites and make a collage. I did it when we went to Las Vegas & NYC. I'm still going through pictures. 

I have one more month of summer. I plan to enjoy everyday outside in some way! 

I think this is my longest currently post ever! If you want to go read some more go here: 

August Currently

Happy Summer Reading!


  1. Your vacation sounds amazing! London is amazing and I am so sorry you got sick! Jealous about your one more month of summer - we just went back! :)


  2. Hey there! I linked up with Farley, too, and wanted to check out your post. Your vacation sounds amazing!!! I want to go to London SO TERRIBLY! My husband and I will celebrate 10 years in October, and took a trip to Mexico this summer to celebrate. So sorry you were ill while on vacation!!! Glad you're better now. Can't wait for a pic collage from your trip! It's Elementary, My Dear!

  3. Amazing trip! I noticed the pictures of Stonehenge! Have you ever read "Outlander" by Diana should!
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