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August 11, 2014


After having the month of July tutoring free, I went back to seeing my favorite student. I want to start working on her silent reading strategies because she is moving into grade 5. I used to teach reading in her school, and I know 30 minutes a day is the expectation. The kido is already a struggling reader, so I want to give her strategies and practice for silent reading.

I found a cute poster on pinterst, so I made one in her notebook and we began talking about reading strategies. Here are two pictures of our session:

 I modeled silent reading and then we came up with these three strategies:

I am hoping for this list to grow as we work over the next few weeks. 

I am also  working on vocabulary building. I have done a lot of work like this: 
Now I am ready to move onto a new way to build vocabulary. I just need ideas. Anyone want to share? 

Hope all my teacher friends that are still on summer break are enjoying themselves. I know some teachers are back to work and I hope they are having a smooth first few days back to school!

Happy Reading!

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