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August 18, 2014

Tutoring !

Here is my tutoring session in some pictures:

We have spent a lot of weeks working on compound words.
I choose a lot of words that make up multiple compound words
 like the picture above.

We played a game to practice her recall of compound words.
Each person must write a new word down making a compound word.
Then we count the letters in the word. For example: 
rainbow = 3 points ( b-o-w )
raincoat = 4 points ( c-o-a-t ) 
When neither person can recall anymore words, we total up the points 
and see who is the winner. 

We worked on improving vocabulary and writing next. I talked about weak sentences and how to make them better with vivid vocabulary. 


Here is my modelling. Then she did two of her own sentences. 

I went to Kohls with my Mom last night and saw this in the store. LOVED IT!

Happy Reading!

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