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November 2, 2014

Currently and a Project

WHAT???? It's November Currently, already?? Where does the time go?

Here is mine: 

I am hoping the Broncos win. I have a STRONG dislike for the Patriots. 

I am enjoying a chai latte right now - I hope it does not keep me up tonight. 

I cannot wait for Tuesday - The DH took off and we are going to see the movie "St. Vincent" I love both Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy. I love four day work weeks!

I have a lot of sweaters, but a new one would be nice! 

I have a few holiday gifts, but I need to get some more. I don't like the holiday rush in December. 

I have been reading Mary Kay Andrews books since the summer. I am catching up on her older ones. I just love her stories! 

I hope everyone goes to read some more "November Currentlys" on Farley's blog. Go here: 

November Currently

I was at the library tutoring yesterday. On the table next to me was a kid craft. Well, of course I had to make on so I can take it to the teacher I work with tomorrow and see if she wants to do it with the kidos.

I love how you could do this project for any holiday or season! I think blue and white snowflakes would be cute! It is a very strong Dixie plate with the middle cut out. SO clever! 

Happy November!
Happy Reading! 


  1. I just love the craft you posted! You could definitely do that for any time of the year!! Isn't it fun finding new crafts when you're out and about! Have a great week!

  2. I love Mary Kay Andrews books! I read my first one of hers this past spring and was hooked. I've read two or three of hers. Sophia Kinsella and the Shopaholic series are definitely my first true love of chick lit, but Mary Kay Andrews is my new go to. Also, I LOVE this craft!!! I'm thinking we could do this in the fall and write things we are thankful for on each item or sight words. I can see one being made for Christmas time and oh the possibilities!!!


  3. four day work weeks are the absolute best!! I have never heard of Mary Kay Andrews…I should check her out :) And holiday shopping…my favorite time of the year!! and looking at Christmas lights…can't wait!!

    This Little Ladybug