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December 7, 2014

Happy Sunday !!

I cannot believe I only have 12 more days of work before we have our winter break!!! I remember when I put 99 days until break on my home white board and now it's so close! The fall always flies by for me!

I had a busy week at school and with tutoring. It felt weird to work for 5 days since I did not do that during November between the days off and the snow storm we had that cancelled school for four days.

Here are some pictures from my week. I used some of the free items I found during the reading blog hop:

I am working on word building strategies. I am now teaching a unit on prefixes



 The student I tutor learned about finding evidence in school, so I am giving him more practice. I love this sheet I found from a blogger!

In school, we read a new story ever week. The teacher has the kidos do a worksheet and one kido decided to draw a picture while he was waiting for everyone to finish. She asked who he drew and he said "Rhianna." Then we starting singing Umbrella.


I have two cute holiday projects I hope to do this week. One my husband found on Facebook and the other one was in a magazine which I adapted for school. I'll post pictures as soon as they are done! 

Hope everyone is enjoying this month and the season. I keep trying to do one random act of kindness a day like I posted I would do in Currently. I did one at work and one at the store this week that made me feel good inside. My co-worker liked the idea, so she did one last week, too! We are spreading the joy! 

Happy Reading! 

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