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February 16, 2015

Happy Winter Break!

I have the week off to sleep in, read a book, and see some friends. It is SO COLD! This would have been a great year to go somewhere warm!

I took a few pictures on Friday of some pictures in my classroom. Here they are:

We did a lot of sequence practice.

Transition Words

Examples of Sequence 

The Bulletin board I made

When I return to work, I am reading folktales with the 5th grade to practice finding the theme. I am reading fiction stories with the 4th graders to analyze character. We will do that for two-three weeks and then I plan to practice reading and answering multiple choice questions for their test prep.

I had my 4th graders read some biographies and then they wrote a mini autobiography. One kido really rocked. I love when a student does exactly what I model and shows a real improvement in writing. On the other hand, I have a student I am worried about and I do not even know how to correct all the issues. I keep reminding myself to take one day, one lesson at a time!

I hope everyone had a good week. It is not going to hit above 20 here, so Ill be drinking a lot of hot tea! I am ready for spring. I am tried of sweater season!

Happy Reading!

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