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June 3, 2015


Where did May go? I only have 13 more days with my students. Then I will cry!! I will be back to job hunting - AGAIN!

Here is this month's currently:

I love to read, but I must admit I am also a bit of a tv junkie and I just love Bravo! 
It has been 70 degrees and higher. I love it! 
I am working til June and loving this job - but it ends soon. I just want to cry thinking about it.
I am looking forward to to reading every afternoon, swimming and sunning in the pool, and getting back 
to the gym. I have been a slacker! 

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Happy Reading !


  1. Reading - I would rather do it than eat, sleep & probably breathe! I'm looking forward to the Odd Mom Out show on Bravo. I wish you luck on next year's placement!

  2. First day of summer break and what am I doing? Reading a PD book! You can't stop me. Reading rocks. What are your favorite Bravo shows? I was all about Bravo a few years ago, but haven't really watched anything on it lately.

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