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June 30, 2015

June was TOO QUICK !

Now granted I was teaching until June 19. It was hard for me to erase this: 

The following week, I was closing out reports, had meetings, and retirement lunches. I did not really have my first day of summer vacation until June 26th, BUT STILL June went by quick!

My first weekend of summer vacation went like this:

Friday: Organize bins to teacher summer school. Then reading in the sunshine.

Saturday: Brunch at Mom's & Date Night with the cute husband!

Sunday: My hubby took this picture of my Mom and me !
Yes, she has glove on - it was 55 and rainy!
Lucky for us - we were under an amphitheater! 

 I was seeing my boyfriend for the third year in a row! 
Don't tell my husband (who kinda looks like Brad!) 

Today I went to a staff development workshop. It was awesome! I love when I take a class that gives me work time and I get things ready for the fall! 

I have some things to get ready for summer school. It starts next Tuesday! 
Hoping pictures will come soon! 

Happy Reading! 

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