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July 1, 2015

HAPPY JULY and Currently

It's that time again!


Big Brother is my guilty pleasure in the summer. 
It's summer which means more time to read and relax. 
It may be summer - but it is raining, raining, and raining! Where's the sunshine? 
Where's my summer heat? After this past winter, I am tired of colder weather! 
I am reading about teaching K kids for my summer enrichment program, but have not really gathered materials yet. 

I am an ALL-STAR with books. I love to read and remember what I read. I never has to study for my English finals. I also like to recommend books to friends and students. I am All-Star at being a book nerd (I would hope so since I teach reading.) 

Now everyone go read some more Currently posts! 

Happy Reading!


  1. I also love to read, and summer is the best time! I am currently reading GREY, the fifty shades book, and when I am done I am going to start reading The Read Aloud Handbook. A friend recommended it and said it has great ideas for implementing meaningful read alouds in the classroom. I hope you have a great school year, but enjoy your summer before it's gone :)

  2. It's rains every afternoon in Atlanta, so I feel ya! At least we have heat. =)

  3. I agree...where is the sunshine? HA! Glad I found your blog! I plan on having a linky party next week! I just posted all about it. Hopefully you will be able to link up!

    Bits of First Grade