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July 26, 2015

Summer School Photos

More reading pictures from summer school. I took some more pictures.

 The kids giggled during this story.
They also felt sad for the giraffe.  

 A cute response I found on TPT
One of my students said "I like to dance to rock -n- roll and Uptown Funk"
Six year olds are so funny! 

I love this response and the illustration.  

The next book I read aloud is one of my favorites: 

I had kids made their own fish so I could pull kids for reading assessments.

 A cute BME sheet from
 I had a small group on Thursday and asked each student this question:

One last pic to share: 
The kids love fixing my mistakes! 
Next week, they will have to fill in some missing letters and words. 

I am so glad I was able to teacher in the summer school enrichment program. I have really enjoyed it. This will be the last week. It went by so fast! I wish I could have one more week with the kids!

Happy Reading! 

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