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July 12, 2015

Sunday Rewind

I started the summer school enrichment program last week. I forgot what it is like to have kids that just left K and 1st. They are so sweet, young, and need a lot of reminders.

Every day I do this:
The students circle certain words, look for a mistake or two, and then I let a kido take it home. 

One thing the kidos need help practicing is solving a word problem. We did a few different things. 

Here is another example. I let the kids do the work for practice. 

 I also made a template for the kids,  so they could see the similarities

When I am not thinking about teaching I have been doing this:
I have been reading when I can. I read two books so far - both were really good. I am now reading a young adult book: Finding Audrey by Sophia Kinsella. It's pretty funny so far! 

I will post a few more pictures after I teach this week! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 

Happy Reading! 

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