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July 13, 2015

Target Dollar Spot

I have been seeing some awesome posts about Target finds, so I had to go check out my local Target....  I actually went to TWO Targets last week. SHHH!

First here is why my husband won't go to Target with me:

He sent me this picture from Facebook and I could not stop laughing! I said,       "Yep, this is why I am in Target for two hours sometimes."  It's one of my happy places. Below are some of the things I bought for school!

Perfect for me since I teach reading!

 I know I can find a use for these ! 
I can't wait to hang this somewhere! 

I found four of these cute books! 

I actually used the name take the first day of summer school!
I am sure I can think of a bulletin board theme for the speech bubbles. 

I opened a few of these to use in a reading group week.  

I can't wait to play this game with the kids in the fall!  

Happy Reading ! Happy Target Shopping, too! 

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