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August 4, 2015

Summer School.. Last Pics

The enrichment program ended and I now have some time to relax before I plan for the fall. Here are some final pictures. During the last week I read these books:


The kidos wrote a book response, worked on rhyming words, and did a making sentence activity. 

Here are a few responses: 



There is a great website called Carl's Corner where I find a lot of goodies such as this rhyming words sheet:
 This cutie was thinking hard: 

Below is my model for one reading group writing response I did. As you can see I cannot draw. LOL.
 A kido's reponse: 
 Class News: 


One more picture which I sent to my brother since he loves all things Star Wars and I thought it was hilarious this is what a kido did one morning during the arrival time!

Now I have the month of August to rest and relax before school begins! 
Happy Reading ! 

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