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October 12, 2015

Picture Time

As I sit here and watch DWTS, I will post of few pics from my classroom. I have not had time to read my blogs, let alone, write my own post! I took a few rand pictures last week, so here they are:

Here I am holding one of my favorite books. 
This pic is on the school PowerPoint for reading. 

My grandmother gave this to me. 
The last time I hung it I had my own room.. so I had to bring it out!

I have a lot of bulletin board space.
I just love this quote. 
This was my table before I started seeing kids.
I'll take a picture tomorrow, so you can see the updates. 

I use a program called LLI.
Here is my example for the kids.

Making words 

Rhyming Lesson 

The kids love to make words on the board.

A poster I made for the kids. 
I saw it on Pinterest 

DH and I at October Fest this weekend. 
I bought the hat. It has fleece on the inside. SO COZY!  

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Happy Reading! 

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