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November 1, 2015


It's already November... WHAT ?  How did that happen?
October was nice, but I really do love the month of November. I am all about being grateful and thankful.

Here is this month's Currently:

I spend my Sundays watching football. 
I am enjoying my job. I do not like when I get pulled to substitute teach. It makes me cranky. I just want to teach reading. 
I feel like it was just Columbus Day. Where does the time go? 
Who doesn't want more time? 
I was having a lot of back issues for the whole month. I saw a doctor and had some tests. I also had a nice massage. I did not go to the gym all month because it hurt just to sit. Things feel better, so I am hoping to get back into my routine. I have been walking with the DH, but I love a good spin class, 

I just love my Mom's pumpkin pie. She makes one every year for me. That's right just for me. LOL ! Yeah... I really need to get to the gym! 

Go enjoy some more Currently on Farley's website! 

Happy Reading! 


  1. More time sounds good to me!! What we could do with more time! :) Have a great November month!
    -Lovely Nina Designs

  2. I need to work out too!!!! Time has been my biggest factor lately!

  3. I need to workout too! I've been a slacker but not for injury. Too busy in October! Hope your back issues are better soon.
    Sandy @ Elementary Expedition

  4. I too love Football and a Sunday spent watching football is a happy day!!! I too need to work out and I find every reason under the sun to keep putting it off! I hope you fell better soon! I love teaching as well. 23 years of teaching and I can not wait to start each day in my classroom!

    Have a great month! I loved your post!