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December 13, 2015

Weekly Pictures

I had a busy week, One day I had to substitute teach in the 5th grade class that I push into, so that was interesting. I also had a day off. Not a lot of pictures this week in my classroom.

Here are a few:

 We are now working on using text evidence. 
 Vowel Patterns in Grade 1 
Using the LLI Reading Kit 

I challenged kids this week to come up with words using vowels. 
We also have done consonant blends. 

This week I am finishing up the nonfiction text - If You Lived in America as a Slave. The kids are going to make small posters. 

More work on building fluency in grade 1. I think I have a student that is going to move out of my group! I made some response prompts for the book The True and False Book of Dogs for my grade 3 reading group.  I have a big unit I am working on for Jan. with them, so for the next  classes, my focus is reading and developing more word attack skills. 

I hope everyone has a nice week. Some of you lucky teachers only have a few days left. I work until the 23th! YIKES! 

I am happy to say that two people bought my new TPT product. It is a mad lib type Christmas Eve Story: 

That was the first picture of it. I updated the product since then. Check it out here: 

Happy Reading!

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