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June 30, 2015

June was TOO QUICK !

Now granted I was teaching until June 19. It was hard for me to erase this: 

The following week, I was closing out reports, had meetings, and retirement lunches. I did not really have my first day of summer vacation until June 26th, BUT STILL June went by quick!

My first weekend of summer vacation went like this:

Friday: Organize bins to teacher summer school. Then reading in the sunshine.

Saturday: Brunch at Mom's & Date Night with the cute husband!

Sunday: My hubby took this picture of my Mom and me !
Yes, she has glove on - it was 55 and rainy!
Lucky for us - we were under an amphitheater! 

 I was seeing my boyfriend for the third year in a row! 
Don't tell my husband (who kinda looks like Brad!) 

Today I went to a staff development workshop. It was awesome! I love when I take a class that gives me work time and I get things ready for the fall! 

I have some things to get ready for summer school. It starts next Tuesday! 
Hoping pictures will come soon! 

Happy Reading! 

June 22, 2015

Last Student Day

Today is the last student day. We have awards in the AM. Some of my students may visit me in the PM. It will be a sad day. On the awards assembly sheet there is a sections that says " Dedication To..." with my name. I have loved this job so much, I may lose it! My Mom is coming to watch the dedication. I have three days of cleaning and packing up everything. There will be a new class in the room I have used since January. It will be a bittersweet day! 

Then : 

I will have a nice week to relax, clean, read at my leisure! Then I will be here:

Because some teachers opted out this year, I will be working in the summer school enrichment program. I will either have a k, 1, or 2 group. I am already thinking about what I am going to do. I start July 7 and it is 3 days a week for the month. 

I am sure that by August 1st I'll be ready for a free month to decompress but: 

I have already begun my summer reading and have a big pile of books. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It has OFFICIALLY started! 
Happy Reading! 

June 21, 2015

Summer is Here !


June 14, 2015

Summer Reading Link Up & GOOD NEWS !

I have been taking some pictures of books and tweeting them and now I find a cute Linky Party I needed to join! Here's the link:

Summer reading list for teachers linky

A combination of young adult books.
  Some of my favorite chick lit authors.

Here is a professional book I want to read: 

I had trouble recommending books b/c I did not have time to read while taking a grad class, but I did get these two in during my spring break! 

Now for my GOOD NEWS

Last week I found out I will be teaching reading again in the fall. I am in the same school district at a different school. A reading teacher is going to be on maternity leave, so I will start the school year. I am happy to know I will have a job for the fall and I am hopeful it will last longer than what my new contract states. I actually get to plan for the fall. How exciting! 

Happy Reading!

June 10, 2015


I have been reading books from the previous reading series the district used before they changed to a newer curriculum. There are some great books and because the district does not throw anything out, they were in the closet when I cleaned out the room. Some of them look brand new!

Here are a few pictures:
This was such a cute story and the kids loved it!

 Close  Up!
Reviewing Story Elements

I have one more week of teaching. I will be sad when it is over. 

Last weekend the DH and I went to go see a school even at the art museum. Here is a sample picture: 

I love that there are things to do around town on the weekend! I am looking forward to a little more freedom in two weeks. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their week!
Happy Reading!

June 7, 2015

A few pictures

I still have 9 more days of teaching! The fourth graders are still reading and writing, but my 5th graders are just done. I gave them a research project to do using the laptop, so that made them happy. I hope they finish!


 After the kidos finished reading a lot of poems and finding examples of figurative language, they wrote they own. They were excited to put them on the computer and learn how to past a picture.

 We post new learning targets every time we teach. 

I found this awesome myth unit! 

I hope to take a few more pics during the next few weeks! 
Happy Reading !

June 3, 2015


Where did May go? I only have 13 more days with my students. Then I will cry!! I will be back to job hunting - AGAIN!

Here is this month's currently:

I love to read, but I must admit I am also a bit of a tv junkie and I just love Bravo! 
It has been 70 degrees and higher. I love it! 
I am working til June and loving this job - but it ends soon. I just want to cry thinking about it.
I am looking forward to to reading every afternoon, swimming and sunning in the pool, and getting back 
to the gym. I have been a slacker! 

Go check out other blogs for more blogs for Currently

Happy Reading !

June 1, 2015


Everyone loves Peanuts!
Everyone Loves June - It means SUMMERTIME !