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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year !

This past year was a whirlwind! I started a new job and was loving life. Then it ended and I taught summer school for the first time in my teaching career. Then I went to a new school - which will be closing in June. I took two grad school classes. I went on a vacation twice with the DH.  We never take two trips in one year, so that was extra special! I finally added some products to teacherpayteachers. Hopefully, I will continue to grow in the TPT world. I have always been a buyer and now  I can call myself a seller, too!

A new year begins today! Here's hoping it is fun, exciting, and healthy for everyone!

Here is this month's Currently

I have enjoyed being on vacation. I enjoy being a reading teacher, but I enjoy having time to read freely with no grad school deadlines or lesson plans to write. I think that is the plight of all teachers - we love our jobs, and we love our vacations! I think working in a school makes us still feel like kids because we still follow the same schedule we have know all our lives!

I am watching the Winter Classic. I am NOT a Boston fan so I must cheer for Canada - which is OK. They are my neighbor!

I cannot believe how quickly the month went. I love hits time from turkey day to today. It just went TOO FAST!

I wish I had a few more days off. I spent some time getting rid of things I do not need or use. Most of it I donated, but I still have about 6 boxes of teacher things I want to go through. Not to mention some large totes of who knows what in my basement. I'd like to get it done before I have to start my grad class.

One little word: Appreciate 
I having been trying to do this more and more. I want to appreciate every moment. In doing this, I hope to appreciate the people and memory making of those moments!

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Happy Reading & Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! Love your word choice for the one word! A good thing for everyone to remember. Enjoy the last few days of break!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  2. Happy New Year!
    I took the time to begin to declutter during the break. It is a task. I totally understand going through boxes of teacher things. I have a storage unit where I have stored 12 years of classroom items. This is my 3rd year out of the classroom and I still have not gone through the boxes in the storage unit. It's a task that I decided to begin this break. Are you donating all of your teacher items or trying to sell?