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January 3, 2016

WHAT? Work tomorrow !!!

I enjoying my last day of freedom. It is back to work tomorrow and I am NOT ready. I just read my lesson plans for tomorrow since I did them on December 22 and had no idea what I had planned for my reading classes.

I had big plans to make the grade 3 reading packet. It DID NOT get done!

I had big plans to make some pages for grade 5. It DID NOT get done!

I am going to try and take one day at a time this week. We will see how that goes!

I am going to try and go to a spinning class on Tuesday and Thursday. I will let you know how that goes, too!

One thing I did do was make a few new TPT products. Check out my store:

TPT Store Reading-Really-Rocks

I would like to try and make a few bundles, but once my grade class starts at the end of Jan. I will have to figure out how to manage it all!

One nice way I am ending my holiday break was last night the DH and I went to see "Dancing with the Stars Live!"

It was fantastic. Here's a pic:

I loved watching him!

Well, it's back to reality tomorrow. I will need this at 6AM: 

Good luck tomorrow everyone!
Happy Reading! 

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