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April 17, 2016

Sunny Sunday!

I am sitting outside in the sunshine! I have not been able to do that since Easter Sunday. It was COLD! The past two weeks we have had state testing here in NY. I have not seen my 5th graders in two weeks! I was able to see my students for my afternoon classes.

I cannot believe there is only ten weeks of school left. With all the field trips and end of the year assemblies, it will go by pretty quickly. Then I will not have a job AGAIN! My school is closing along with another school. I am hoping my job will be reinstated, but who knows?? I will be done with my special education certification, so I keep applying for everything I can teach. Honestly, I want to stay where I am doing what I am doing! I cannot believe this has been my life for so long where I keep waiting and waiting for my forever school!

Well, here are some pictures from the week. There are just a few from some things I did this week.

Motivating the kids to write by letting them use the scented markers. 

A reader'r response.

The grade two classroom did a class wide project, so I found some dinosaur books to read. 
We printed a dinosaur to add to our illustration and the facts. 

First graders working together during their reader's response.

The first graders love the "Taco and Orson" books from the reading LLI program. 

 Sometimes I just want to show off the work a kido is doing. 
I love this website for phonics work: 

In late February I picked up three new kidos for reading. They need a lot of reading instruction. 
Above is an example of the writing. This kido is not a fan of reading or writing. 
I have my work cut out for me with only ten more weeks to go! 

Now is the time I bring in my token economy systems to keep the kids working. 
Some kids are working for ice cream tickets, others are working for time on the playground.  

Well, I hope I can take some more pictures this week. I like the fact that my blog gives me the memories of what I have done. Hopefully it will be beneficial for next year! FIngers crossed I am still working at a reading teacher! 

Happy Reading! 

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