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May 20, 2016

Keep on teaching!

I have to work for five more weeks. That means I have 1 school wide field trip, 2 more assemblies, a field day, a reading meeting about next years kids, and five more Fridays to go before summer vacation.

Today my building did not have to enough substitutes. It has been an issue a long time ago. I had to go sub in a grade two classroom. I have been in this room once in fall to substitute. Plus 5 of the kids are my reading kids. There are three little kidos that need a lot of extra attention, so when they are together - it can be a "certain teacher dance."

I have been trying to let my first graders "run" the classroom on Thursdays and Fridays. Thursdays the kidos get to use the "teacher" markers which are the scented ones. They kids love this. They complete a word work activity. Then I try to trick them by pointing to random words in their books to dread to me. I sen each kid off to somewhere in my room to read the text. I walk around and listen to the kids whisper read. Then I ask them a question or two. Next, is a short written response or they write their favorite part.

Here is an example:

On Friday, I have a teacher's assistant who gets to sit in my teacher chair. He/She is the host of sight word Bingo. The kids just love it.

Here are some pics:

This was my intervention group I started in late February. 
They have come really far since then! 

Well,  I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!

Happy Reading!

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